Large outdoor tanks can now be insulated against harsh weather conditions using a thin layer of insulated material called Powerblanket.  Powered by GreenHeat Technology, Powerblanket can cover large surface areas and deliver an insulated barrier of heat at a much lower cost than tradition methods.  Powerblanket Technology is patented, UL/CSA certified, and comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.  Affective at temperates down to -50F!

blue tankBlueVinyl Powerblanket works effectively in weather conditions at or below -65F without cracking, breaking, or becoming brittle.  The patented heat spreading technology acts as a huge heat sink, to evenly distribute low energy, efficient heat without the troublesome hot and cold spots associated with competitors products.  Powerblanket is the fastest, easiest, most affordable and efficient method for heating and insulating large outdoor tanks, silos, and bins.

Powerblanket BlackRhino tank & silo heating products are custom fit for almost every application.  Dairy, petroleum, water, chemicals, and more.  BlackRhino Powerblanket is the ideal solution for heating and maintaining temperature in any industrial storage tank or silo.  Big or small, Powerblanket heats them all.  Available in 120V, 240V, 3-Phase, and non-heated option.  Wrap it with Powerblanket – a thin, snug, weatherproof, heating solution… Everytime!

When temperatures drop below freezing – Powerblanket is the only viable option for insulating and heating large tanks, troughs, bins, and silos.  Effective at thawing, freeze protecting,  melting, heating, and maintaining temperature in a wide variety of temperature  sensitive materials.  Achieve year round freeze protection with Powerblanket!

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